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Decades of unmatched experience and innovation FISHER COMPANY 6+ mm Kynar® PVDF Coating PATENT PENDING Our Kynar® SuperThick™ PVDF Coatings
Resist Permeation, Abrasion and They
Outperform any other PVDF Coating

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Over the past forty-six years our addresses have changed and our company has grown from two to thirty employees, but the values on which it was founded have not. We offer reliability, innovation, dependability and our wealth of experience to all of our customers. In the course of our coatings and lining work we have developed and improved upon traditional methods including the first ever fluoropolymer coatings above 1.5 mm in thickness. This was more than 25 years ago.That boundary has been surpassed again as we can apply Kynar® PVDF coatings in excess of 8mm in thickness. We are constantly improving and ongoing research remains a significant part of what we do. Thank you for visiting our site.

What we do

USP Class 87 coatings


Kynar PVDF linings

Dual Laminates

polyvinylidene fluoride coatings


Letter Of Recommendation From LANL

Last year upon completing a very large coating project for Los Alamos National Laboratory, we received a very nice letter from them:

For Additional Information or if you would like a Quotation

For Additional Information or if you would like a Quotation

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Kynar coated Drum Filter

Kynar® PVDF Coated Rotary Drum Filter

FRP and rubber linings have not performed well in corrosive environments. Kynar® PVDF was applied on this new drum filter, both inside and out, including all wetted surfaces. Longevity and

Prevent Corrosion with Kynar® PVDF

PVDF has a proven history of use in the mining and mineral processing industries because of its robust chemical resistance, thermal rating, abrasion resistance and mechanical integrity system. Fluoropolymers are

Assembly of our first 3D printer

Assembly of our first 3D Printer

We just acquired our first 3D printer. It will be used for R&D projects. We should also be able to replace or reduce the numbers of parts that are machined

high purity coatings

High Purity Kynar® PVDF Lined Composite UPW Storage Tank

FRP and rubber linings do not perform well in corrosive environments.  Kynar® PVDF was applied inside this Storage Tank, including all welted surfaces.  Longevity and performance make this a very